Soil BS3882 pas rated Topsoil

A general purpose recycled manufactured topsoil, screened to 10mm and blended 80:20 with our organic Eco Mix, peat-free, soil improver (PAS100 certified). This produces a fantastic nutrient and organic profile, meaning you don’t need fertilisers. This is the topsoil that you have always wanted. Eco SuperSoil Topsoil is recycled from Dorset’s high sand-content soils and therefore highly sustainable.

Available in Bulk bags or half bulk bags. It can also be collected loose in any quantity or delivered.

Available at the Rode branch.

All Purpose Peat Free Compost

A general-purpose peat-free growing medium suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden including potting on, patio gardening, container growing and tree and shrub planting.

  • Contains balanced slow-release fertilizers
  • Manufactured from top quality conifer bark and wood fibre, coir and green compost
  • Dark brown in colour
  • Consistent, fine and free flowing

Available at the Rode branch

Blended Loam Topsoil

Topsoil Blended Loam is a carefully manufactured, high-quality soil, consisting of sandy loam and organic matter, fully compliant with British Standard 3882:2015 ‘Multipurpose Grade’

  • Carefully blended topsoil conforming to BS 3882:2015
  • Fine textured, free-flowing, easy to handle and virtually stone free
  • Allows conformance to National House Building Council (NHBC) Warranty Requirements

Available at the Rode branch

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