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20" Jak Saw

The IRWIN Jack Universal 880 Triple Ground Hardpoint Saw is fitted with a high-quality C75 steel blade and features a unique Triple Ground tooth design offering up to 25% faster-cutting performance than traditional double ground saws. The blade is treated with a water-based lacquer providing 4X the added protection than conventional anti-rust agents. The handle is a proven design, light and strong with an ultrasonic welded soft grip for increased hold and enhanced comfort. 90° and 45° angles integrated in the handle aid the user when marking out. Sold singularly and in boxes of 10

Available at all three branches

The OX Trade hand saw has a high quality 1mm steel blade with double ground and impulse hardened teeth for a fast clean cut. 8 TPI (teeth per inch) for fast universal cutting with or across the grain. Heavy duty screwed robust handle designed to be comfortable and durable. 45' and 90' angles built into the handle for fast marking of angles on site. Suitable for cutting general building materials such as, wood, MDF, Ply, Marine Ply, Skirting, Plastics, UPVC, etc. Available in 20" and 22" lengths.

Available at the Trowbridge and Chippenham branches


Bacho 10-21 Bowsaw is a lightweight yet heavy-duty bowsaw for all round use. The integrated, ergonomic handle, with its built in hand guard, protects user's knuckles. A unique mechanism in the handle makes blade changing and tensioning adjustments effortless. The sturdy blade fittings and high blade tension make precision cutting easier than ever before. Spare blades are also available.

Available at the Rode branch

Concrete Saw

The Roughneck R28C Cellular concrete saw has extra-large induction hardened teeth for exceptional cutting strength. Rigid 1.5mm blade for strength and accuracy. Comfortable, soft grip handle. For cuts in lightweight cellular concrete blocks. 

Available at the Rode branch

Coping Saw

The Faithfull Metal Frame Coping Saw with comfortable wooden handle. Ideal for cutting curves and intricate shapes in wood, fibre board, plywood, and plastic laminates. The blade can be set to any angle. Spare blades are also available.

Available at the Rode branch


The Faithfull Handyman Hacksaw takes all standard 300mm (12in) blades and features a rectangular section frame to ensure a combination of rigidity and balance. The back section accommodates spare blades.

The Faithfull Junior Hacksaw is a compact value for money steel framed saw for cutting light materials and best suited for smaller general sawing where the work piece cannot be firmly secured.

Blades for both saws are available.

Available at the Rode branch

The OX pro high tension hacksaw has a quick change blade design, 40,000 PSI/ 200kg high tension blade. It has an ergonomically designed dual grip rubber handle for comfort and ease of use. The blade can be set in either a 45 or 90 cutting position. No tools needed to change the blade. Accepts all standard hack saw blades. Size: 12" / 300mm. Spare blade are also available in packs of 4


The OX pro mini hacksaw has a bi grip rubber handle with 6 Blade angle settings and industrial strength hacksaw blade. Size: 6" / 150mm. Spare blade are also available in packs of 4

Available at the Trowbridge and Chippenham branches

Jab saw

Irwin Jab Saw 165mm has a hardened and tempered blade with aggressive tooth design for improved cutting performance and greater removal of waste material. Sharpened tip for easy punching through drywall and a ProTouch™ soft-grip handle for durability and comfort.

Available at the Rode branch

The OX pro jab saw has a professional metal heavy duty jab saw with ergonomic soft grip handle. Hardened & tempered blade for agressive cutting ' triple ground teeth. Sharp point for piercing board. Supplied with heavy duty holster for safe storage when not in use. Fast cutting for drywall, wood & plastic

Available at the Trowbridge and Chippenham branches

Tenon Saw

The IRWIN Jack Xpert range of handsaws have evolved into super-efficient cutting tools that have University verified technology at their heart. This triple-ground tooth technology (TGT) not only increases efficiency but also optimises cutting performance on both the push and pull strokes - so you dont have to work so hard. Hardpoint tenon saw with soft-grip handle for user comfort.

Available at the Rode branch

Toolbox Saw

IRWIN Jack 990UHP Junior / Toolbox Saw with soft-grip for user comfort. The fine toothing gives a superior finish. Ideal for cutting plywood, chipboard and other man-made materials. Blade Length: 335mm (13in).

Available at the Rode branch

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