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Dry Cut/ Wax Drill

The Vitrex Dry Cut / Wax Filled Drills have a diamond grit edged bit to provide a faster, superior cut and give them an increased life. The bits are wax filled so there is no need for water. Ideal for drilling in all tile types, including porcelain. Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm sizes indivisually or in a triple pack.

Available at the Rode branch

Tile & Glass Drill

The Vitrex Tile & Glass Drill Bits have a tungsten carbide tip, which gives them excellent strength and durability. The precision 'spearhead' design prevents chipping or breaking. They are ideal for drilling tiles and glass. Available in 6mm and 10mm.

Available at the Rode branch

Tile Installation Kit

The Grout Squeegee and Spreader Set is a pack of essential tools for tile adhesive and grout application, consisting of a large squeegee, a 6mm square notch tile adhesive spreader and a 4mm V notch spreader. The Large squeegee has a strong flexible plastic blade with squeegee edge for rapid grout application and a contoured handle for extra comfort.

The Tile Adhesive spreaders allow for fast adhesive application:
6mm Square Notch - for installing tiles on walls
4mm V Notch – for installing smaller tiles and mosaics on walls

Available at the Rode branch

Dual Purpose Grout Sponge

This Vitrex 102913 is a Large 2 in 1 sponge ideal for cleaning and polishing tiles, It has rounded edges to prevent accidental removal of fresh grout.

Available at the Rode branch

Economy Grout Float

The Vitrex Economy Grout Float offers great value for money. The high impact plastic handle makes this tool durable, whilst the solid foam rubber pad is ideal for fast, smooth grout application.

Available at the Rode branch

Economy Tile Trowel

This Vitrex 102950 Wall and floor trowel (20mm and 6mm) provides a thick adhesive bed for wall and floor tile. The blade is hard cold rolled steel and handles are high impact plastic. This trowel has 6mm notches for wall tile adhesive and 10 x 20mm notches for floor tile adhesives.

Available at the Rode branch

Stainless Steel Adhesive Trowel

This Vitrex 102906 is a Professional 20mm adhesive round notch trowel it has a rust resistant stainless-steel blade and a large, contoured handle with a soft grip to ensure comfort over prolonged use. The solid aluminium shank has 9 rivets and is designed to be used by the professional installer. A 6mm trowel is also available with square notches.

Available at the Rode branch

Tile File

These Tile File are available in sheets or as a soft grip tool.

The Vitrex Tile File has a tough, aluminium oxide coating. Smooths sharp and uneven edges on cut tile. Size: 6in x 2.1/2in.

The Vitrex Tile File is a Tungsten Carbide grit coated file for smoothing rough edges on ceramic and marble tiles. It has a soft grip handle for extra comfort, the faces are flat and curved for straight and contoured shapes.

Available at the Rode branch

Tile Scorer

The Vitrex 103175 is suitable for scoring wall and floor tiles. It has a tungsten carbide tip and a durable nylon handle with a thumb recess for extra grip.

Available at the Rode branch

Grout Finisher

The Vitrex 102280 Grout Finisher is a double ended finisher with a ball end that produces a neat grout line. It has a scraper end for removing excess grout. The VIT102280 is easy to clean.

Available at the Rode branch

Grout Rake

The Vitrex 10 2420 Grout Rake has a tungsten carbide grit edged blade for longer life. It is fitted with a durable nylon handle designed for extra grip. This Grout rake is used for removing old and discoloured grout.

The Vitrex 102422 Heavy-Duty Grout Rake is the ideal tool for removing old and discoloured grout. The tungsten carbide grit edged blade provides increased working life.

Available at the Rode branch

Sealant Smoother

The Vitrex 102283 Flexi-Tip sealant smoother has a unique flexible tip for superb results on any surface. It is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, window frames etc. It is perfect for smoothing most household sealants, fillers, grout etc. It is simple to use and easy to clean.

Available at the Rode branch

Tile Cutter/ Nippers

The Vitrex 10 2430 Tile Nipper / Cutter with tungsten carbide tipped jaws for cutting and shaping wall tiles. It is ideal for awkward shaped cuts around pipes, switches, sills and fittings. It has a soft feel handle for extra grip and comfort.

Available at the Rode branch

Tile Cutters Heavy Duty

The Vitrex 10 1490 Heavy-Duty Tile Cutter is fitted with a tungsten carbide wheel (10mm) for scoring and snapping ceramic tiles up to 10mm thick. The body is manufactured from heavy-duty steel and is fitted with plastic hand grips for extra comfort during use. Suitable for straight and freehand cutting.

Available at the Rode branch

Combination Spreader

The Vitrex Combination Spreader has a convenient dual purpose design. With a notched edge for fast adhesive application and a squeegee edge for rapid grouting.

The Vitrex Combination spreader/ filler has a convenient dual-purpose design for fast adhesive application. It has a notched edge and a handy 120mm filler blade.

Available at the Rode branch

Standard diamond blade

Vitrex Standard Diamond Blade with a continuous rim for a cleaner cut. Suitable for cutting ceramic, terracotta and quarry tiles, slate, marble, masonry, concrete and stone. Wheel supplied with 22mm dia bore, and is supplied with a 16mm brass reduction ring. Available in 110mm and 180mm diameters.

Available at the Rode branch

Rod saw

The Vitrex 102207 Tile Saw has an extra deep steel frame for improved cutting access. Its 150mm tungsten carbide blade, cuts in any direction. Soft-grip handle for extra comfort. Cutting depth of 150mm - to the centre of a 300mm tile.

Spare Rod Saw blades are also available.

The Vitrex Tungsten Carbide Rod Saw Blades cut in any direction. Outlasts conventional hacksaw blades by up to 10 times. Length: 150mm (6in).

Available at the Rode branch

Tile Marking Pencils

These Vitrex 10 2080 Tile Marking Pencils are suitable for marking out tiles, glass, plastic and metal. They are not suitable for porous or porcelain tiles.

Available at the Rode branch

Profile Gauge

The Vitrex Profile Gauges are the quickest and easiest way to copy awkward shapes. Ideal for tiling, wallpaper and laying carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring. Saves costly mistakes.

Available at the Rode branch 

Tiling Knee Pads

These Vitrex 338160 flooring knee pads are slip resistant and are ideal for tiled floors and other hard surfaces including wood and vinyl. They have a comfort fitting foam padding and an easy on and off adjustable no hassle plastic buckle. The non-binding single strap will not pinch during extended wear.

Available at the Rode branch

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