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Coroline Fixings

Coroline Fixings are specially designed for use with Coroline Bitumen Sheets when installed on timber. The washer and waterproof cap is coloured to match the sheet. Each galvanised ring shank nail measures 65mm. 

Available at the Rode branch

Vistalux Superfixing

Vistalux Fixings are specially designed for use when installing PVC roofing sheets on timber structures to help prevent over-tightening of the fixings. Comes in packs of 10.

Available at the Rode branch

Hall Clip

Lead flashings are an important part of a durable and watertight roof. These must be held in place correctly and traditionally lead wedges have been used. Calder Clips are a great alternative to this, putting far less pressure on the surrounding joint whilst maintaining a secure, strong and reliable hold on the flashing itself, all the while allowing for natural thermal expansion.

Available at the Rode branch

Lead Dome Set

A complete set of the four items - lead dome, stainless steel screw, brass cup and nylon washer which not only saves time; it creates a weatherproof fixing to your lead sheet. Ideal for use with intermediate cladding, stone and masonry.

Available at the Rode branch

Copper Clout Nails

When using nails to fix lead into place only copper or stainless steel nails should be used. These ensure security, longevity and compliancy with relevant guidelines. Calder’s high-quality copper nails are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of British Standard BS-1202-1&2. This stipulates that nails should have shanks that are annular ring, helical ring or serrated and be no less than 20 mm in length. The stipulated shank diameter for light duty use should be at least 2.65 mm and for heavy duty use at least 3.35 mm.  Available in 1kg boxes in 30mm, 35mm and 38mm sizes.

Available at the Rode branch

Copper Disc Rivets

Copper Disc Rivets are used with fibre cement slates to prevent wind uplift. Due to how long and lightweight fibre cement slates are these are essential for fixing at the bottom of the slate to stop any movement occurring. Made from 100% copper these are high quality.

Available at the Rode branch

Copper Slate Strip

These copper fixing strips for lead are made from 0.6mm thick copper. Copper fixing strips are cut into small clips for use in copper/lead roofing applications.

Available at the Rode branch

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