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Hi Chairs

Lattice-type Continuous High Chairs (also known as rebar chairs, mesh spacers, or stools) are stocked in 2Mtr lengths at 75mm, 95mm, 105mm and 150mm heights. The main bars are 3.6mm steel bars.

Available at the Rode branch

40mm/50mm Grade Plate Spacer

The Gradeplate Spacer is a double cover spacer that has been designed for use in ground floor slabs, where its large base area prevents puncturing of polythene film and gives a stable support to the reinforcing steel.

Available at the Rode branch

Concrete Meshmen

Double Cover Flat based Spacers are designed for use on both horizontal and vertical applications. The flat base provides additional support and stability where the weight reinforcement is high.

Available at the Rode branch

Tying Wire

Tying wire is used to tie reinforcement bars or mesh together to prevent movement when concrete is poured. Black soft annealed tying wire is very popular and can also be used to attach wire and concrete spacers. Available in 2kg coils.

Available at the Rode branch

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