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Standard Wallboard

Standard plasterboard by Knauf is manufactured from the highest quality gypsum, offering strength and versatility. It comes with an ivory paper face which is ideal to receive a plaster finish or for direct decoration. It is easy to use and suitable for use with ceilings, linings and partitions.

  • Basic fire, structural and acoustic level performance
  • Easy to score and snap for rapid installation
  • Fire resistant
  • Suitable for direct decoration or plaster finish
  • Cuts down noise transmission
  • Complies with BS EN 520

Thicknesses include; 9mm, 12.5mm and 15mm all in 2400x1200 sheets. A 1800x900 is also available only in the 12.5mm thickness.

All readily available at the Rode branch or 12.5mm 2400x1200 available at the Trowbridge and Chippenham branches

Fire Resistant Board

Knauf Fire Panel offers superior fire protection, Finished with a tapered edge it is intended to be used in between either side of a partition it provides up to one hour of fire resistance which can be achieved with a single layer or two hour resistance with a double layer application. The boards are pink to identify their uses. Also known as Fireline, Fire proof plasterboard, Firecheck.

  • Gypsum plasterboard with additives for added performance
  • Ideal for fire-rated partitions and any other drylining application where fire rating is imperitve
  • Can be used with just a single layer of 15mm Fire panel each side of a knauf performer partition.
  • Can provide up to 1 hour fire resistance with a single layer per side of the partition
  • Plasterboard is easy to score and snap for rapid installation

Available at the Rode and Chippenham branches

Moisture Resistant Board

Knauf Moisture resistant plasterboard is a high-performance plasterboard with a tapered edge that is ideal for internal use in high moisture and humid environments. It comes with additives in the core which repel moisture making it suitable for any kitchen or bathroom. The boards are green in colour to identify their use. Also known as Moisture Board or Moisture Check.

Available at the Rode and Chippenham branches

Sound resistent Board

This acoustic plasterboard sound panel from Knauf greatly reduces any noise impact in adjacent rooms or properties and provides high levels of fire and impact resistance. A gypsum based system used throughout the building industry, these plasterboards are usually used as part of an acoustic wall system that may include mineral cavity insulation and acoustic sealant. These boards are coloured blue to identify them. Also know as Soundshield or Soundcheck.

  • Enhanced fire and impact performance
  • Easy to score and snap for rapid installation
  • High-mass and tuned core
  • Ideal for ceilings in acoustic floors
  • Heavier than the standard plastic board
  • Complies with EN 520 - Types A and D
  • Approved Document E partitions

Available at the Rode and Chippenham branches

Vapour Resistent Board

Knauf Vapour Panel plasterboard has a metallised polyester foil laminated on the grey paper back, finished with a tapered edge. The Vapour Panel has a metallised polyester foil which creates an effective vapour barrier to limit any moisture diffusion. This Panel is ideal for lining external walls and roofs. Otherwise known as Vapourshield or Vapourcheck.

  • Ideal for when a vapour barrier is needed
  • Suitable for external walls and roofs
  • Standard plasterboard laminated with metallised polyester to block water vapour
  • For use wherever vapour barrier is required, such as pitched roofs in loft conversions
  • Complies fully with BS1230 Part 1 1985

Available at the Rode branch

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