Frame Fixings

For quick, easy and repetitive installation. Finish: Grey Nylon Plug. Zinc Yellow Passivated Screw. Nylon plug body for longer life and durability. Plug supports screw along total length. Anti-rotation barbs prevent plug rotating in the hole. Strong grip in solid substrates. Through fixing, eliminating the need for marking and re-positioning. Widely used for batten, window and door frame fixing. Suitable for most masonry substrates including concrete and brickwork.

Bagged sizes include: M8 x 80mm, M8 x 100mm, M8 x 120mm, M8 x 140mm, M8 x 165mm.

Boxed sizes include: M8 x 80mm, M8 x 100mm, M8 x 120mm, M8 x 135mm

Available at the Rode branch.

Masonry Screws

Masonry or Concrete Screws in various lengths with a range of masonry drill bits to suit.

Sizes include: 7.5 x 62mm, 7.5 x 82mm, 7.5 x 100mm, 7.5 x 110mm, 7.5 x 120mm, 7.5 x 130mm, 7.5 x 150mm, 7.5 x 180mm, 7.5 x 200mm.

All available in pre packed bags or in boxes.

All readily available at the Rode branch or the Trowbridge and Chippenham branches (subject to availability).

Sleeve Anchor

Expansion anchor masonry fixing. Finish: Zinc Yellow Passivated. Also known as 'projection bolt' sleeve anchor. Through fixing for ease and speed of installation. Sleeve wedge cones designed to give maximum expansion. Reduced outside sleeve diameter compared to thread size offersreduced stress in base materials. Offers easier fixture removal or re-positioning due to bolt part remaining in the shield. Widely used for fixing balustrades, handrails, racking, roller shutters, window grills and much more. Suitable for most masonry substrates including concrete and brickwork.

Sizes include: 

  • M8: 40mm, 65mm, 92mm
  • M10: 50mm, 77mm, 97mm, 125mm
  • M12: 75mm, 99mm, 129mm
  • M16: 111mm

Available at the Rode branch.

Special Offers

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