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Foam Gun

This high-quality Foam (Spurt) Gun is designed for use with standard 500/750ml gun grade Polyurethane pressurised expanding foam canisters.

The gun has a sprung trigger mechanism and flow adjuster knob to ensure fine control over the foam output, and to provide a clean, even bead for the accurate installation of the foam which helps to reduce waste. The barrel is hermetically sealed once the trigger has been released to prevent the hardening of the foam when left in the gun.

The Foam Gun has non-stick coated needle and canisters fitting valve and a stainless steel barrel to help make cleaning the gun easier. It is supplied complete with two types of additional plastic extension barrels to give better access when used in certain applications.

Available at all three branches

Sealant Gun

The metal frame mastic or skeleton gun which will accept all standard size adhesive and sealant cartridges up to 425ml. Suitable for all trades and home use. The rounded shaped trigger mechanism ensures user comfort reducing the fatigue from repetitive use.

Available at all three branches

Ox tools variants are available at the Trowbridge and chippenham branches: Ox pro sealant gun, Ox pro heavy duty sealant gun

Heavy duty professional sealant gun, built for ultimate power and durability. Welded and rotating barrel accepts up to 400ml cartridges. Barrel allows rotation to ensure long continuous clean beads with minimal effort. High thrust trigger action with adjustable screw. Ergonomically designed dipped trigger handle, support the hands when applying pressure. Ideal for outdoor working environments. Mechanism allows higher force application- ideal for todays 'heavy duty' silicones and sealants

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