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Porcelain Priming Slurry

Priming Slurry is designed to facilitate the strong bonding of non-porous / low porous, porcelain and natural stone paving. To create the strong, sustainable bond required, brush primer slurry on the underside of each paving tile/slab just prior to laying. It's easy to apply and will not add significant cost to the installation. Slurry Primer is not just for porcelain. Pavestone strongly recommends using it to prime natural stone paving flags, just prior to laying, as it will significantly reduce the potential for 'picture frame' stains and patches from the cement in the base mortar being drawn up through to the face of the stone.

Available at all three branches

Pavestone Tile Grout

Pavestone Tile Grout is a superior, colour-fast, flexible grout with anti-efflorescent, anti-mould and water repellent properties. Designed specifically for porcelain paving, natural stone outdoor patios where a narrow joint is required and porcelain and stone wall cladding tiles. Pavestone Tile Grout can accommodates both narrow and wide joint applications, has a smooth finish and excellent bonding capabilities to the tile edges. Once hardened it is unaffected by water, giving exceptional weathering properties and can even be used in and around swimming pools. Keeps your joints looking clean and fresh for many years. Colours include: Cream, Slate Grey, Mid Grey, Silver Grey.

Available at all three branches

Walling & Cladding Adhesive

Pavestone Tile, Wall & Cladding Adhesive is a high performance single part, quick setting, non slip, polymer modified, cement based tile adhesive, formulated to provide enhanced properties of adhesion to a variety of surfaces in interior and exterior situations. Highly flexible, Pavestone Wall & Cladding Adhesive is ideal for fixing ceramic, fully vitrified, porcelain tiles, mosaics and natural stones.

Available at the Rode branch

Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer

Deepens colour and enhances the characteristics of natural stone and concrete paving. Available: 1ltr, 5ltr

Available at the Rode branch

Natural Finish Stone Sealer

Protects and seals all types of natural stone and concrete patio paving with minimal change to the original character of the paving. Available: 1ltr, 5ltr

Available at the Rode and Chippenham branches

Porcelain Tile Protector

Pre-grout treatment for use during porcelain paving installation. Protects against surface grout residue without altering the paving characteristics. Available: 1ltr, 5ltr

Available at the Rode branch

Black Stone Rejuvenator & Sealer

Water-based black impregnating sealer for restoring the appearance of all types of faded dark grey and black natural and artificial stone including limestone, marble, slate and concrete pavers. Available: 1ltr, 5ltr

Available at the Rode branch

Cement & Grout Residue Remover

An acid replacement cleaning solution that helps to remove cement, grout and salt residues. Suitable for porcelain and all unpolished natural stone. Does not aggravate or affect naturally occurring iron deposits in natural stones. Available: 1ltr, 5ltr

Available at the Rode branch

Iron Stain Remover

Natural stone contains trace iron particles which can oxidise under certain circumstances, causing brown staining. This is most often triggered when paving is cleaned with a generic acid based cleaner that contain ingredients which excite the iron particles and starts an oxidisation process, usually brick acids and cement removers. Pavestone Iron Stain Remover is speci´Čücally formulated to assist in removing these blemishes. Available: 1ltr, 5ltr

Available at the Rode branch

Resin Residue Remover

Removes all types of resin, grout polymer and epoxy residues from patio paving. Softens the residue left by jointing compounds and grouts, making removal from the surface of the paving much easier. Available: 1ltr, 5ltr

Available at the Rode branch

Rust Stain Remover

An organic formula designed to break down and remove orange oxide (rust) stains left by iron objects rusting. Suitable for all natural stone and porcelain patio and pathway paving. Available: 1ltr

Available at the Rode branch

Resiblock Sealer

Indian Sandstone and other forms of natural stone are beautiful hard landscaping mediums. As with all external paving this investment can be protected. Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer is suitable for application to most forms of natural stone providing long lasting protection.

Available at the Rode branch

Resiblock Trade

Resiblock Trade is a jointing sand stabiliser of exceptional effectiveness, based on a low viscosity thermoplastic-acryl copolymer emulsion. Whitish in liquid state but becomes clear when dry. It incorporates a completely unique moisture drying system eliminating the problems common to conventional solvent acrylic systems. Since it is solvent free it does not give off unpleasant odours. Its function is to bind the particles of sand together and to vertical faces of the paver. Resiblock Trade is suitable for most paver types.

Available at the Rode branch

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