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Bituminous Paint

Black Bitumen Paint is a solvent based, full bodied black bituminous paint. When dry, the product forms an odourless and taint free black film suitable for metal protection, and overcoating wood and felt.


Febtank Super is a high performance tanking slurry for masonry and concrete. When applied, Febtank Super forms crystals preventing water ingress and provides an extremely durable waterproof coating. Simply mixed with clean water and applied by a stiff hand brush, broom or spray, it is ideal for basements, cellars, pools, reservoirs and below ground level applications.

LABC registered and BBA approved, Febtank Super can be trusted by specialist applicators and builders as a high quality waterproofing solution that stands the test of time. Providing a permanent waterproof coating it is suitable for interior and exterior use, above and below ground level. With a high bond strength, Febtank Super becomes an integral part of the substrate yet is water vapour permeable, allowing walls to breathe and resists both negative and positive water pressure.

Available in grey and white, which can be left as a final decorative finish. 

Liquid Dpm

DPM. is an odourless rubber enriched bitumen emulsion which provides a highly effective sandwich damp proof membrane for floors. Also acts as a waterproofer for walls, above ground structures and foundations. DPM is also suitable as an adhesive for wood block and mosaic panels, insulation boards, expanded polystyrene, cork and as a plaster bonding agent, even on difficult surfaces.


Waterseal is a high performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration on all mineral substrates such as brick, stone, concrete, pebble dashed and rendering. Waterseal does not contain solvents harmful to the user or the environment and is non-flammable.

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