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Cempolatex Flexi Deep Floor Leveller

Bostik Cempolatex Flexi-Deep is a protein-free, flexible smoothing compound for preparing interior floors prior to laying carpet, soft floor coverings or ceramic tiles. It is reinforced with fibres for strength and flexibility and can be applied to depths between 3mm and 60mm in a single application. Being protein-free, it is suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas.
Bostik Cempolatex Flexi-Deep has excellent workability and is ideal for smoothing and levelling prepared concrete subfloors, sand/cement screeds, calcium sulphate screeds, rigid timber floors and other strong rigid subfloors. It can also be applied over minimal quantities of tile adhesive residue, provided they are firmly bonded and unaffected by water.
It is suitable for use with warm water underfloor heating systems and for encapsulating electrical radiant heating mats, provided a surface temperature of +27°C is not exceeded. It is not to be used as a wearing surface and should always be covered with a floor covering. For interior use only.

Available at the Rode branch

Cempolatex Floor Leveller

Bostik Cempolatex 1 Pack is a latex modified, protein-free self-smoothing sub-floor compound. It has excellent bonding properties and good flexibility that will accommodate the movement of closely fitted suspended flooring.
This rapid setting formula is ideal for smoothing and levelling properly prepared concrete, sand/cement screeds, quarry tiles, rigid timber floors, stone, brick and terrazzo floors and asphalt floors.
It may also be used as a floor topping/concrete re-surface with the addition of Bostik SBR, and for patching up to 100mm thickness.
Bostik Cempolatex 1 Pack is only suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems when used as a levelling compound.

Available at the Rode branch

Cempolay Self Levelling Compound

 Bostik Cempolay is a protein-free self-levelling compound that's suitable for smoothing and levelling interior subfloors prior to laying decorative floor coverings. It's ideal for use on concrete, sand/cement screeds and unglazed ceramic tiles. When mixed with water, it produces a fluid, easily-levelled compound that can be trowelled to a feater edge. Foot traffic can be accepted in 2-4 hours and floor coverings can be laid from approximately 16 hours, depending on conditions. 

Available at the Rode branch

Febgrout Flowable

Febgrout Flowable Universal Anchoring Grout is a ready-to-use, high precision flowable grout that can be used as fluid or plastic consistencies for grouting of equipment and machinery, bearing pads, bridge bearings, rails and anchoring. Fills gaps in concrete from 10mm to 100mm wide.

Available at the Rode branch

One Coat Render

Everbuild's One-Coat General Purpose Render (GPR) is used to render over prepared masonry to provide a weather resistant, breathable rendered finish. It is applied to a thickness of up to 15mm which cures to an overpaintable finish.

Available at the Rode branch

Tanking Slurry

Bostik Tanking Slurry is a breathable, waterproof coating for sound internal brickwork, concrete and stone. This 2-coat system is suitable for use above and below ground level. It resists positive and negative water pressure and is water vapour permeable. Bostik Tanking Slurry can be used for basement walls (and lightly trafficked floors), retaining walls, subways, tunnels, archways, concrete storage tanks and showers/wet rooms.

Available at the Rode branch

Jetcem Rapid Cement

Jetcem Rapid Repair Cement is a cement-based product that is easy to use and sets in approximately 30 minutes. Ideal for rapid patching or when a fast repair job is needed. Sets in the cold and wet.

Available at the Rode branch

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