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FPMaccan Postcrete

F P Mccann Postmix offers a factory produced product that is fast setting and ready to use. Contents of each bag consists of blended sand and aggregates, Portland cement and special additives.

Available at the Rode branch

Tarmac Postcrete

 A durable, ready to use product formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal fence posts. No mixing is required - simply pour water into the post hole and add Postcrete. It sets quickly in 5-10 minutes and is supplied in a weatherproof, tear resistant plastic bag. Note that the minimum working temperature for Postcrete is 3°C.

Blue Circle Snowcrete

Snowcrete is a bright white Portland Cement ideal for articectual uses, providing attrictive, eye-catching and durable concrete, rendering and mortar

With the addition of different coloured aggregates or pigments a wide variety of colours and finishes can be achieved.

Available at all three branches.

Home Pack Cement Mortar Mix

Ready mix of sand and cement for the perfect mortar, just add water.

Mixing information: 1 part cement to 6 parts sand and use within 30 minutes.

This sand and cement mortar mix is a general-purpose mortar mix for interior and exterior repair jobs, it is ideal for bricklaying, pointing, repair work and rendering.

Available at the Rode branch

Home Pack Concrete Mix

The finest cement and balllast individually packed enabling convenient storage and is suitable for all concrete bases, foundations, fitting posts etc.

Pour Mixed Ballast onto a clean, flat surface, add cement and mix thoroughly.  Use only sufficient water to make mix workable.

Approximate mix by volume: 1 part cement (min. content 1.5Kg) to 3 parts mixed ballast. Use within 30 minutes

Available at the Rode branch

Rowland Bathstone Premix

This traditional fine dust Bath Stone Premix Repair mortar is purchased in 25kg bags and pre-mixed, needing only water to be added. This saves considerable site time, and completely eliminates any risk of contamination from being stored in the open or amongst other materials on site.

Available at the Rode and Trowbridge branches.

Bath Stone Dust

Ideally suited as an aggregate to cement for the fixing of natural stone or pre-cast masonry blocks, the beauty of Bathstone Dust is that it guarantees both a consistency of colour across the complete work, achieving an overall uniformity. Manufactured from finely sieved Bath stone dust, graded from 1.2m to fine dust. 

Available in 25kg trade packs.

Available at the Rode branch.

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