Filltite Filler and Finish

Fill & Finish is a single part easy to use multi-purpose filler, adhesive and skimcoat. It's ideal for filling small or large holes, filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing uneven surfaces. It can also be used for bonding plaster board to block (ie. dot and dab) and plaster or polystyrene decorations to walls and ceilings. The fine powder quickly mixes to a smooth white paste and delivers a beautiful smooth professional finish.

Filltite Lightweight Filler

An advanced filler designed to easily fill deep gaps in one application without any sagging or slumping - even on ceilings. Millions of microscopic crushed marble beads give the product it's no-sag characteristics. Filltite Ultra-Light Filler's fast drying formula quickly delivers a super smooth finish that will not need sanding and can be over-painted in as little as 15 minutes.

Touprelex Fast Drying Filler

Fast drying exterior filler

  • Lightweight
  • Rich in resin
  • Light grey in colour
  • No stabilising solution or PVA required*
  • Will not flash or grin
  • One coat fill

Touprelith Masonry Filler F

Masonry repair filler

  • Easy to shape
  • Adheres on damp masonry
  • Fill and repair without formwork
  • No stabilising solution or PVA required*
  • Will not flash or grin

Toupret Reboucher

Classic filler

  • One coat fill
  • Adheres to paint work
  • Easy to sand
  • No need to spot prime
  • Will not flash or grin
  • Will not shrink or slump

Toupret Snagging

Snagging filler

  • Ready to use
  • Very easy to sand when overfilled
  • Resists flashing and grinnning
  • No need to spot prime


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