Construction : Bricks : Terca/Weineberger Facing & Engineering Brick

Kassandra Facing Bricks

Red textured stock Facing Brick with handmade type surface creases and cream and grey multi shades.

Dimensions: 215x102x65mm

Class A Engineering Blue Solid

Precise square edged solid smooth brick conforming to defined limits for water absorption and compressive strength.

  • Manufactured to be denser and stronger than ordinary facing bricks
  • For use where strength and low levels of water absorption are important

Class B Engineering Blue Perforated

Class b blue perforated wire cut engineering brick is a smooth faced slate blue in colour engineering brick used for heavy engineering projects and below dpc works because of its durability. It can also be used in face brickwork applications for aesthetic purposes. Although it is not strictly a facing brick, it's very durable it can be used. 

Class B Engineering Red Perforated

Class B Red Engineering Brick 65mm. Class B Engineering bricks have a high compressive strength and a low rate of water absorption which makes them suitable for use above or below ground.

Pastorale Facing Bricks

Red textured stock bricks with handmade type surface creases and cream and ochre multi shades. Dimensions: 215x102x65mm


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